Shoot Me! is the revolutionary new auditions platform that takes the pain out of self taping and casting for actors, agents AND casting directors
From recording and sending professional auditions, to managing talent and casting large scale projects. Shoot Me! has all the tools you need in one powerful package
Actors & Performers

Our FREE iOS app has everything you need to record perfect, professional auditions including gorgeous filters and slick Title Cards, all in glorious HD and to approved industry standards.

The unique Super Simple Share feature lets you send even large files directly from within the app, so you can wave goodbye to the hassle of third party sharing sites like Dropbox or Vimeo. With Shoot Me! you just record and send. No fuss.

Talent Agents

There’s no longer any need to wait around for clients to submit auditions from unreliable sources and in the wrong formats. With Shoot Me! they record and submit to you via the app and it appears instantly in your account. Standard file names, MP4 format and HD quality.

And it’s so simple to manage the auditions and forward to your favourite casting directors. Just two clicks, and away it goes! Fast and secure.

Casting Directors

We’re going to let you into a secret, Casting Directors no longer need to create an account to view auditions sent to you using Shoot Me! (we’re nice like that). But there are a ton of other benefits to signing up.

It’s so easy to create and manage projects of any size, and because we live in a mobile world, with a Shoot Me! account you’ll be able to receive, access and organise high quality auditions from wherever you are, and on any device.